A Photoshop Taster

This Thursday saw my starting my first official Photoshop lesson through Shaw Academy – An Online course provider.

The course came up as part of an O2 Priority freebie and means that I can work through the entirety of the Beginners guide to Photoshop for free.
It’s an 8 week course complete with live presentations, quizzes and assignments.

My first lesson consisted of an introduction to the visuals of Photoshop, a piece on spot healing, selective healing, layers and hue\saturation for both colour\ black & white pictures.

I expected things to be pretty tough but was surprised by the ease at which you can do many of the professional looking changes in less than 30 seconds.
Even better is that I’m already digging out some of my older and unappealing photos in order to make some changes – The results speak for themselves.

This example is a landscape photo that I took in Romilly Park, Barry.
Whilst it looks pleasing to the eye, the washed out lighting and colouration meant that it wasn’t ideal as a photograph in its own right.


But with a little tweaking of the hues, I was able to change an ordinary autumnal photograph into something that really stands, offering some gloomy and unusual colour.


The first lesson alone was enough to really get the creative juices flowing, but just seeing what I was able to produce so quickly after the new lesson has given me a new-found confidence not only in the photography field but now in the world of Photoshop.

Lets see what the next couple of weeks bring to the table.