My next photo comes in the form of an old and dilapidated boat, moored at Barry’s Old Dock between the Cold Knap and Barry Island.

My parents always took us down to Barry Island as kids, where we would drive along Harbour Road which overlooked Barry’s Old Harbour.
I remember seeing the old and battered boats down there as far back as 15 to 20 years ago which shows their age.

On a visit to the old Harbour, I decided to take walk over to one such boat and see what photo opportunities arose.
You have to be very careful that the tide is out and trudge through all the mud but the you get the change to take some really unusual photos of a time gone by.

I went with this photo that shows the age of the boat from the faded paint work to the colour of the moss and greenery that has grown all over the wood work.
The texture and shape of the woodwork makes for an interesting point of view shot too.

As I was with family during this visit, I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted to getting that perfect shot, but I plan on popping by real soon to see what else I can come up with.

Hope you like it.


During a visit to see my brother in Belfast, we were offered a trip to City Hall to meet the mayor at the time and have a tour.
It was a really great experience drinking a classic Irish beer with the mayor, having a look around and best of all, getting a photo like this at the end.

You are actually encouraged by staff to lay down flat on the floor and aim your camera directly up to get the best shot and offer a little more stability when aiming your camera upwards.

It took a few attempts to get that all important symmetry and the final photo is great.
Belfast City Hall is a beautiful building and it’s great that they encourage you to really get on your hands and knees to get the best out of your visit.


This photo of an electric pylon is one that I’m really pleased with.

It was taking Christmas time during a long walk back in Bradford where my Wife’s parents live, along the canals and into the countryside.

The path that we took eventually took us through and under one of these huge electrical pylons which was the perfect opportunity for something abstract.

Due to the greyness of the sky, this worked best as a black & white piece and I really like the symmetry of the lines.
Despite the lines and shapes, you are still naturally drawn to the centre of the image by the cross.