My next photo comes in the form of a Daddy Long Leg (Or Dicranopalpus caudatus if you want to get technical.
You’ve probably seen it a couple of times if you’ve visited my blog as it makes up the imagery for my logo and my general blog posts.

This was another opportunity to test the close-up ability of my new Panasonic Lumix with Its macro function, combined with the 12 – 60mm lens packaged in with camera.

I opted for the black and white once again as the colours of the daddy long leg were very subtle against the off-white background.
This would allow for the texture of the wall come through as well as intensifying the blacks from the daddy long leg itself.

The camera performed really well and the daddy long leg even more so.
Sitting very still with its legs outstretched and perfectly straight along with the pincer like talons reaching downwards.
The legs being cut out of the image give a real sense of size, especially when compared with the tiny body

This one was hanging around on a wall outside our old apartment in Henke Court, Cardiff Bay.
The apartment building was a haven for these and other 8 legged mini-beasts so we regularly had to have a glass and beer mat at the ready….

I say we – More like I’d get my wife to collect and get rid of them as they make me far to uneasy and uncomfortable.

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