Another one from the archives when I was still going around with my Canon EOS 350D along with a Sigma 70 – 200mm lens.  The lens worked absolute wonders for nature photography of this kind and was perfectly affordable too.

We visited London zoo where they had a variety of monkeys of all shapes, sizes and colours.
This rather photogenic little fella just climbed the tree and just sat there, gripping the tree whilst taking a look all around.

I didn’t have long to work with the subject so had to compose the shot and get the focus arranged before it moved off.
With some more greenery in the background or a slight variation on the colour, the monkey would have stood out a little more.
I’m still really pleased with this photo mind, it’s one that I like to show again and again.

It reminds me why I need to get a telephoto lens for my current camera – Funds pending!

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