Back before I moved from Cardiff to Barry, I treated myself to a whole new camera to mark my return to the world of photography – Forgetting just how much work and stress the process of sorting a house was.

During this time, my wife and I went for a walk along the canals linking Cardiff Bay and the centre of Cardiff where we see copious amounts of wildlife including dragonflies, Bees, butterflies and more.

With the intense sun beating down, we were treated to the appearance of a hornet hoverfly.
I was a little unsure how close to get to the thing initially, but it was so chilled on the thistle plant and it didn’t look too dangerous, I zoomed right in and got this photo.

Making use of the cameras intense colour functionality to make the colour of the thistle stand out as well as the dark orange & black of the hoverflies body really standout.
Somme macro based blurring of the background ensured the background was blurred so that you are naturally drawn to the thistle and the wildlife.

This was a chance shot with my 12 – 60mm lens zoomed right in as well as me getting ultra close to the action.

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